Official Spice Girls Vogue shirt and hoodie


She shot to stratospheric fame in the Nineties as one-fifth of the Spice Girls Vogue shirt, who ruled the stage with their skimpy outfits and powerful ‘girl power’ mantra. But Victoria Beckham, 43, has admitted she dressed a little more demurely as a teenager and didn’t wear ‘inappropriate’ stage ensembles until she joined the band. Speaking in Vogue’s historic December issue.

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Official Spice Girls Vogue shirt , longsleeve and youth shirt

Official Spice Girls Vogue shirt

We played with pogs, skip it, top trumps, Sega mega drive ( I was a boss at California games) girls world, dream phone (remember that?) Tamagotchis, fashion wheel, magic eye and where’s wally to name a few!
We listened to ace of base, Aswad, China black, 4 non blondes, roxette, east 17, take that (the first time around) en vogue, black street, Charles & eddy, aqua, no doubt, Alisha’s attic, guns n roses, the spice girls….the Spice Girls Vogue shirt styles were all so different!


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