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Some moms cuss too much it's me I'm some moms shirt
The number of times where I would have to pull her away from guests because she was interrupting professional conversations to complain about her boyfriend or how hard it is to be a parent was ridiculous.
Freddie Mercury Xmas Christmas shirt
She had literally told the speaker who had paid us to help host the event, that we didn’t know where the event was.
Pumpkins in October we wear pink shirt
It was the speaker and his assistant.
I didn't plan on becoming a grouchy demanding asshole mom who yells a lot but shirt
I asked what they had been looking for and I found out it was the event we were literally setting up right then I had to run after them.
Queen 50th anniversary 1970-2020 thank you for memories signature shirt
I was setting up the table when some people came by and asked where the event was and she said she didn’t know and sent them a different building, when she came over.