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GMAT or CAT is not about a formidable challenge. Cool cat dad shirt It is about the ability to endure hardship against your sedentary ass! Secondly, what I really love about the channel is that they focus very strictly on the concepts behind solving quant and DI problems instead of just teaching us shortcuts. And I think CAT 2018 QA was an eye-opener regarding the importance of building core concepts. So on that front, they are definitely the best. Lastly, there is something on this channel which I really admire. This channel doesn’t push you to become just 100 percentile. I think everyone understands how difficult it can be for some of us to score well in such exams. 2iimcat content is designed to push a person to think and to help them think. I remember, a week before CAT I was reading a post by one of their teachers, Bharathwaj ( not sure of the spelling), who spoke about his own journey to B-school and how he never performed too well in his mocks.

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I think this encouragement and motivation they provide to a student is unparalleled. Cool cat dad shirt Plus, they are really responsive to messages on FB as well. My query was answered in about 10 minutes and I got really helpful advice from them. The quality of teaching is simply excellent. The study material that they provide is completely on par with the standard of CAT. Actually in CAT 2017 questions were the exact same as those discussed in Qantas classes. The mock tests really give you the essence of what your CAT exam will be like. It also makes you aware of your weak points. Here are a few of their success stories.

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