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This happened to me. But my mom raised hell. I was on breakfast club duty. That consists of grabbing chocolate milk and white milk and putting them in baskets for their assigned class. I had only been doing it for a day or two. Well, I was just sitting in my class, it was normal sunny day. Their grades are online. They’re supposed to be checking them. It’s not my job to hunt down students who don’t turn in work. I just put it as a and move on. The grade book will even email them and their parents a warning when their grade falls too low. The vice-principal at the time sat me down and said “we keep records of everything that comes into this school and out of it.
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Disney Princess Friends shirt

And refused to get him Tylenol said nothing was wrong with him. I pulled his pant leg up took the bandages off and showed it to them. Then pulled his pant leg back down. I told him to go to the outer door he did. My son said he was ok to go to school so he went but it started hurting. When he had to walk to where the lunchroom was and back. He when to the superintendent office on that campus. And asked for Tylenol from the secretary she told him no. He said his leg was hurting real bad she called him a liar.