WWDD what would Dolly do shirt


Do what the men do, WWDD what would Dolly do shirt. Scree him when you want, and the rest of the time, make him look for you. I bet hell be kickingvypur door in trying to get back to you. Some men are like toddlers, they always want what they can’t have. If someone else has it, then is only when they’ll want it! Two can play that game! I need more action and less talking. My tolerance level is on zero at this point in my life and I will cut you off real quick if a man thinks he will disrespect me that’s a no go. Yes there is no such thing as perfect but being disrespected isn’t one of them. Flowers, taking me out, spoiling etc will not keep me those are material things that i do not care for. Wasting my time is something that can’t stand. I make time for those that do the same for me. Action is needed period.

WWDD what would Dolly do V-neck t-shirt

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