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Great job done by govt which should have happened well before but due to than govt stupidity and greediness it remained undone.Whole country including ppl of J . K are celebrating this historically event. Bro, even a common man with average i q can understand difference between preventive measure and forceful implementation. Every region has some brainless persons who neither have brain to think nor have capacity to analyse issue on merit base. This Ivanka Swastika Shirt state recd billions extra fund being a special state but wasted just because of corrupt leaders and due to 370. So pl, make some research. Prakash De then why Kashmiris were not consulted and only came to known when presented in assembly and after 40000 extra security forces. Dear, pl, do google search for public debates on 370 and 35a u will find hundreds of it since last few years where Kashmiri ppl were also involved.

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This not new issue, it was proposed since 2014. Fact is that just because of 370 students were not getting benefits of govt scholarship, reservation in education, job etc, medical help of about 6 lac per year per family from govt was out of their reach. Despite region being world class tourist place couldn’t developed just because of 370 and 35a, as outsiders can’t invest in region and region had not such businessmen. Though it received extra money but pocketed by a countable corrupt politicians that is Ivanka Swastika Shirt why only they are unhappy, otherwise why whole country will celebrate it by self. Disregard of UN resolutions and right of self determination, India is all set to tear international law into pieces after seven decades of inhuman treatment meted out to Kashmiris by its one million strong army. The name Kashmir was derived from Rishi Kashyap, a Hindu Sage.

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